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Who We Are

Creed-Inno Group is a Turnkey business operation company with a team-oriented efficiency that provides an exceptional 360degree business support services through digital integration & Agile framework.


Creed-Inno Group is a fast growing organization with effective business SUPPORT and RESOURCES services to establish, grow and manage your Business IDEAS, VISIONS, and GOALS.

We geared our focus towards Immigrants owned businesses and potential business owners in the Canadian business market, coupled with a diverse ability and target to expand our services to meet up the global business market in the near future.

As a team oriented business support service provider, we pride ourselves our sole responsibility as a parent company to our subsidiary companies namely, NewFresh&Co, NewFresh Logistics, NewFresh Spring Water, and One-stop All Shop, etc. All these listed companies are fully owned and operated under Creed-Inno Group’s umbrella. To learn more 

Creed-Inno Group strives on the expertise of our experienced team and partners.

Our core strength is in our ability to provide an exceptional “360 business support Service” in a one-stop-shop where each client receives a streamlined access to but not limited to offering business support services, business startup resource/consultations and business management services.

The team at Creed-Inno Group delivers satisfactory project management, technical support services, B2B logistics and supply services required to setup up a new business or revamp an existing business.

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